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About Mocha

Mocha is an unofficial web site for browsing courses at Brown University. It is not supported by the University, though we have worked with various groups at Brown to improve the quality and accuracy of the site.

Mocha was created during the 2005-2006 winter break by a small group of undergraduates in the Brown Computer Science Department. We created Mocha basically because we were tired of BOCA (Brown's old official Online Course Announcement). When Banner came out, we still preferred Mocha, so we updated it to work with Banner. Mocha provides the following features over BOCA and Banner:

Because Mocha is not officially supported by the University, we do not receive course updates from the Registrar. We periodically compare our information with that on Banner, but sometimes we miss things.

If you find inaccurate information or to report a bug, please email us at If you're reporting a bug, be sure to include the full URL you were using, what you were trying to do, what you expected to happen, what actually happened, and what browser and operating system you're using.

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Dave Pacheco, Dan Leventhal, Adam Cath, and Dave Hirshberg created the original version and maintain it today. Colin Gordon, Tim O'Donnell, Aaron Myers, and Andres Douglas have all worked on Mocha as well. A huge thanks goes to the CS department for hosting the original version of Mocha.

This site is not affiliated with Brown University. The information contained here is not official, nor is any guarantee made with respect to its correctness. We make every effort to keep the information current and accurate, but sometimes we miss something. If you find missing or incorrect course information, please email us at For the most up-to-date and guaranteed accurate course information, visit Banner.