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Department Abbreviation Add to Search
Africana Studies AFRI Add
American Civilization AMCV Add
American Sign Language SIGN Add
American Studies AMST Add
Ancient Studies ANCT Add
Ancient Western Asian Studies AWAS Add
Anthropology ANTH Add
Applied Math APMA Add
Arabic ARAB Add
Archaeology/Anct.World ARCH Add
BioMed-Neuroscience NEUR Add
Biology and Medicine BIOL Add
Catalan CATL Add
Chemistry CHEM Add
Chinese CHIN Add
Classics CLAS Add
Cognitive, Linguistic, and Psychological Sciences CLPS Add
Cognitive/Linguistic Sciences COGS Add
Comparative Literature COLT Add
Computer Science CSCI Add
Czech CZCH Add
Development Studies DEVL Add
Early Cultures ERLY Add
East Asian Studies EAST Add
Economics ECON Add
Education EDUC Add
Egyptology EGYT Add
Engineering ENGN Add
English ENGL Add
English for Internationals EINT Add
Environmental Studies ENVS Add
Ethnic Studies ETHN Add
French FREN Add
Gender & Sexuality Studies GNSS Add
Geology GEOL Add
German GRMN Add
Greek GREK Add
Group Independent study GISP Add
Haitian Creole CROL Add
Hindi HNDI Add
Hispanic Studies HISP Add
History HIST Add
History of Art/ Architecture HIAA Add
History of Math HMAT Add
Humanities HMAN Add
Independent Studies INDP Add
International Relations INTL Add
Internship INTR Add
Italian ITAL Add
Japanese JAPN Add
Judaic Studies JUDS Add
Korean KREA Add
Latin LATN Add
Latin American Studies LAST Add
Linguistics LING Add
Literary Arts LITR Add
Mathematics MATH Add
Medieval Studies MDVL Add
Middle East Studies MES Add
Modern Culture and Media MCM Add
Modern Greek MGRK Add
Music MUSC Add
Persian PRSN Add
Philosophy PHIL Add
Physics PHYS Add
Polish PLSH Add
Political Science POLS Add
Portuguese/Brazilian Stdy POBS Add
Psychology PSYC Add
Public Health PHP Add
Public Policy PPAI Add
Religious Studies RELS Add
Renaissance/Early Mod Stdy REMS Add
Russian RUSS Add
Sanskrit SANS Add
Science and Society SCSO Add
Slavic SLAV Add
Sociology SOC Add
Swedish SWED Add
Theatre Arts, Performance Stdy TAPS Add
Theatre, Speech, and Dance TSDA Add
University Course UNIV Add
Urban Studies URBN Add
Visual Arts VISA Add
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